Flash Capture - How to Save General Flash Videos

NoteNote: Make sure the video has been fully downloaded.

If you are using IE9:
IE9 doesn't showing the 'command bar' by default. Please try to enable it manually.
1.Move your mouse to menubar and active right-click menu.

2. Choose 'Command bar' in the menu.

3. Then you will find Flash Capture icon appear on the toolbar.

For other versions of IE:

Click extension button.
Extension Button

Switch to Cached Videos tab, select the interested video, then click Save.
Cache Dialog

NoteNote: To reduce the time of listing videos, please first empty IE local cache, and then visit the video page again.
Empty IE Cache

Double click the downloaded video to playback.
FLV File

If needed, convert the downloaded video into the compatible format for portable device like iPhone.
Flash Capture Flash Player