Flash Capture - FAQ

Q: Upgraded to IE9 and can't get Flash Capture to come up?
A: IE9 doesn't showing the 'command bar' by default. Please try to enable it manually.

Q: When trying to download a Flash video (.FLV), all I get is a blank Flash (.SWF). Am I doing something wrong?
A: By default, Flash Capture saves the shell player instead of the video, which results in a blank Flash. To save the actual video content, please follow the instructions of How to Save General Flash Videos.

Q: When I try to capture Youtube video all I get is a failed to receive a valid HTTP response from the server. The same messages appears for older videos which I have already saved. What's up with that?
A: Youtube has updated its internal database, which prevents Flash Capture from saving the video. To solve this problem, please download and install the latest version of Flash Capture, which works on the new database of Youtube. In case the problem still exists, please email us with detailed descriptions.

Q: When I reinstalled Flash Capture and try to enter my registration information by clicking on the about box, I get information saying unregistered but no option to enter my codes.
A: Please try to save a Flash, e.g.: any Flash sample of 123 Flash Banner on our web site, and then enter the registration code in the popup dialog.

Q: I'm running on Vista. It accepts my registration code, and then says the product is registered to me. But when I re-start the machine it goes back to saying I have an unregistered copy.
A: Please make sure you are using version 1.96 or higher, and then register Flash Capture by Start -> All Programs -> FlashCapture -> Register.

Q: When pointing to a Flash, I did not find any floating button!
A: Below are the possible reasons:

  • The floating button is currently disabled. Please enable it by select Show Floating Button of the options dialog, or use the context menu instead.
  • The targeting Flash is transparent. The floating button does not work on a transparent Flash. To save a transparent Flash, please follow the instructions of How to Save Transparent Flash.
  • The flash area is too small to display the floating button. In this case, please use the context menu instead.

Q: I did not find the extension button. Please advise.
A: If you have customized the IE toolbar before, the extension button does not add to the toolbar automatically after the installation. Please right click on the IE toolbar and select the customize command, then add the extension button into the current toolbar buttons list manually.