Flash Capture - Overview   

Flash Capture, an Internet Explorer add-on, enables you to save Flash videos (.FLV) from video sharing sites like youtube.com without copying and pasting the URL.

You can playback the saved Flash videos with the built-in player. Or you can playback the saved Flash videos on portable devices like an iPhone, by converting them into the proper format with the built-in video converter.

Video Introduction

Key Features

  • Support IE9, just try to enable it manually.
  • All in one solution for downloading, playing and converting Flash video.
  • Keep a local copy of the Flash video in the event a web site removes it.
  • Smooth saving experience, without leaving the current web page, no need to copy and paste the URL.

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  • Free built-in Flash video player.
    Flash Capture Flash Player

  • Free built-in video converter.
    Flash Capture Flash Player

  • Take a snapshot of Flash video with a single click, without leaving IE.