Flash Album Creator - Quick Tour

After Flash Album Creator starts, you can see the user interface as below: Part 1 is the "Slide List" which displays all currently available slides. Part 2 is the preview window for movie preview. Part 3 is composed of 5 panels, the "Global" panel contains properties for the whole slide show, and the rest panels contain the properties for the current slide.

Main Window

Creating a slide show with Flash Album Creator is quite easy. The key steps are as below:

Set Slide Show Properties: You can skip this step and use the default values if you have no special requirements. Otherwise, you can customize multiple properties, such as frame size, background color, link address and background music, etc., of the whole slide show in the "Global" panel on the bottom right.

Add Slides: Click the Add button on the toolbar below the "Slide List", or the Add button on the main toolbar to select one or multiple picture files to create one or multiple slides.

Preview a Slide Show: You can click the "Preview" button on the upper right Preview window to preview the output slide show.

Set Slide Properties: You can skip this step, if you are satisfied with the preview effect. Otherwise, after selected a slide in the "Slide List", you can customize multiple properties of the slide, such as playing time, narration, text, pan/zoom animation effects and transition animation effect of the slide in respective panels on the bottom right.

Publish a Slide Show: When satisfied with the preview effect, you can select the "Publish…" menu item in the "File" menu, or click the Publish button on the toolbar to generate the final slide show.

Save the Project File: If you want to reuse the current settings in the future, you can click the "Save" menu item in the "File" menu, or click the Save button on the toolbar to save the current settings as a Flash Album Creator project file to be reused later.