Flash Album Creator - Overview   

Flash Album Creator is a powerful slideshow builder. It enables you to transfer a group of pictures into your own slideshow in a breeze. You can also add narration, background music, text, transition animation effects and pan/zoom animation effects as you wish. The output slideshows are in the format of Adobe Flash or EXE. You can distribute them onto web sites, send them by e-mails, or burn them into CDs to share with others. If you have no web development experience, Flash Album Creator can help you breeze through the creation of a slideshow in just several minutes. What you should do is simply to add pictures and select slide properties. If you are an experienced web designer, Flash Album Creator can also be a good choice to help you make slideshows for clients to save time and effort.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use
    You can make a Flash slideshow in several minutes just by adding photos and setting slideshow properties. No Flash programming skill required at all!
  • Fully Customizable
    You can fully customize the properties of individual slides as well as the whole web slideshow. These properties include: different narration, text, transition animation effect, pan/zoom animation effect for each slide, and the size, background color, link address and background music, etc., for the whole slide show.
  • Personalized Sound Effect
    You can add your own background music for whole slideshow, and different narration for each slide. View sample slide show
  • Text
    You can select to add multiple lines of text for each slide, and set different font, color, size, font style and shadow effect for each line of text.
    Text Effect
  • Ken Burns Effect
    You can set the "pan and zoom" animation parameters for each slide to achieve the ken burns effect.

  • Transition Animation
    A transition animation effect can be used to transit between two adjacent slides. Flash Album Creator provides more than 40 kinds of commonly used transition animation effects for you to choose from.

  • Preloader
    A preloader with customizable color can be generated and added to your Flash slideshow automatically.

  • Navigation Panel
    You can choose to add navigation panel for created web slide show. The background color of the navigation panel is customizable.

  • Multilanguage
    Flash slideshow generated by Flash Album Creator supports international characters, like French, German, Japanese, etc...
  • Publish Wizard
    With the powerful publishing function, you can get the wrapping HTML page for the Flash, stand-alone Flash file or EXE file.
  • Individual URL
    Specify individual URL for each slide.