Publishing Flash with Flash Admin

Want to publish your favorite Flash online? But don't know how to deal with the HTML code?
Well, Flash Admin is right for you! With its publishing wizard, you can publish any Flash in just a few clicks, without know any HTML code!

1. Select the Flash you want to publish.
2. Click the publish button Publish Button on the toolbar.

Publish Dialog

3. Modify the default Web Page Title, and adjust other parameters if needed.

4. If needed change the target folder by clicking on the Browse ... button next to it. An empty folder was recommend, since you have to upload all the files online to make your HTML page works. An empty folder was make sure you do not upload some unused files.

5. If needed change the HTML file name.

6. Click the Publish button to start generating the web page. If you want to preview the generated HTML page, please check the item Launch web browser to preview.