Flash Admin - Key Benefits

  • Managing Flash files easily and efficiently
    How do you organize and manage the downloaded Flash files?
    How do you playback Flash frame by frame?
    With the built-in Flash player of Flash Admin, you can even playback your favorite Flash frame by frame. It's that cool! Enjoy Flash, enjoy your life!
  • No learning curve
    Flash Admin can help you organize and manage your Flash files just like Windows Explorer, while it also provides you a lots of useful functions, like preview, playback and file format converting.
  • Saving time
    Despite of the size, version and its contents, Flash Admin can organize and manage them in the same way. Even more, you can convert Flash files between SWF and EXE format, or publish them into web pages without any programming skills! Just a few clicks! It's really a time-saving tool.
  • Sharing happiness
    Why not share these funny and interesting Flash files with your friends?
    Now you can email your favorite Flash in just one click, and share your happiness to your friends.