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1.How to build a cross frame menu?
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1. How to build a cross frame menu?

This document was written for 123 Flash Menu version 3.x. In version 4, we have optimized the publishing steps, and you don't need to select the publishing mode manually.

With 123 Flash Menu, you can build a drop down menu that across the boarder of iFrame.

Please follow these steps to build a cross frame menu:
1. Put Flash menu into the target web page with <iframe>.
2. Set POSITION style of both Flash and iFrame objects to absolute.
3. Make sure the Z-INDEX value of Flash is greater than the one of iFrame.
4. Adjust the prosition of Flash and iFrame object if needed.

Below is an example of cross frame menu, which uses the Layered option when publishing. Try to click the submenu items of the IFrame Test menu.