123 Flash Menu - Latest Templates

Colorful [Super Folder]
Description:The menu item and sub menu item can be customized to different background color, background image, own icon, own arrow. It's generated by 'super-menu' template in Super folder.

Red [Super Folder]
Description:The Super menu can also show search box and SNS elements.

Rounded corner [Super Folder]
Description: The Super menu template can create Flash menu in rounded corner.

Gallery_2 [Image Folder]
Description: Flash menu with mulitple images.

Blue-Orange & Vista [Art Folder]
Description: Web 2.0 style menu

Drop-Down [Business Folder]
Description: A drop down menu supports background image and transparent drop items.

Autumn [Business Folder]
Description: Powerful drop down menu supports background, gradient effect and more.

Outlook Menu [Image Folder]
Description: Full customizable Outlook style menu. You can customize title text, title background, item text, item background, item image, scrolling speed and sound effect etc.

banner_automove [Image Folder]
Description: Flash menu with folding effect and independently customizable menu items.

macro-style [Business Folder]
Description: Macromedia style menu

collapse-menu [Business Folder]
Description: Vertical sliding menu, with menu items of gradient background, wrapped long descriptions, and sound effects.

highlighting specified menu item

supports word wrapping
Image-marquee [Image Folder]
Description: Vertical image marquee menu with optional item title.