How to display two or more slideshows in one page?

Please follow the steps below to add two slideshows to the one page.

1. Please publish two slideshows in two different folders. For example: slide1 and slide2.
2. Copy all generated folders except 'sample.html' of 'slide2' to folder 'slide1'
3. Please open the 'sample.html' with text editor of 'slide1'.
Copy and paste the <head> code and <body> code of 'slide2' to the corresponding HTML section of 'slide1'

Tip: You can copy the <head> code and <body> code in the publish dialog.

4. Please find the reference of 'jquery.js' of 'slide2' in the HTML and delete the whole line code.
In the web page these two slideshows both use 'jquery.js', to avoid the repeat reference we must delete the second one. If you want to add more slideshows in one page please still reserve one 'jquery.js' on the page.

5.If you want to add more slideshows in one page, please repeat step 2 to 4 and don't forget to delete extra 'jquery.js' and ensure there's only one 'jquery.js' in the page.