Help of PiroBox

A variant of lightbox with 5 beautiful styles. Click the thumbnails to see the effect.

Key Properties:

Thumbnail Panel Width : Specifies the width of the thumbnail panel. Adjust this will result more or less thumbnails in one line.
Background Opacity: Specifies the opacity of the slideshow background, from 0 (transparent) to 100 (opaque). If set 100, thumbnails are disappeared in the lightbox mode.
Show Play Button : Specifies whether to show or hide the play button at the top-left corner of the slideshow window.
Slideshow Interval : Specifies the interval before showing next slide, in million seconds.
Specifies the different style of lightbox, "1. double border","2. black border","3. black border & shadow","4. white border & shadow","5. only shadow"


style = black border

style = black border & shadow

style = white border & shadow

style = only shadow