Help of NivoSlider

A beautiful slideshow with many awesome transition types makes your web site more vivid. Title can be add to each image and its style can also be customized.

Key Properties:
Navigation Position : Specifies the position of navigation - left, center, right.
Transition Type : Specifies transition effect between switching images, including fade, fold, sliceDown, sliceDownLeft, sliceUp, sliceUpLeft, sliceUpDown, sliceUpDownLeft.


Transition Slices : Specifies the slices of transition effect.
Transition Duration : Specifies the duration of transition, in millionseconds.
Slideshow Interval : Specifies the interval before showing next slide, in millionseconds.
Initial Item: Specifies the index item to show when page loaded. Start from 0.
Show Direction Arrow: Specifies whether show direction arrow on the slide.
Auto Hide Direction Arrow: Specifies whether hide direction arrow when mouse hover the slide.
Pause On Hover: Specifies whether stop animation when mouse hover.
Title Bar Opacity: Specifies the opacity of the bar, from 0(transparent) to 100(opacity).

You can also customize the Image Width and Image Height to fit your need.