Help of hohlislideshow

This is a powerful slideshow. It provides control panel and title setting of each slide.  Any slide can be identified to be the first. There are also many awesome transition types in this slideshow template.

Main Interface

How to play the slideshow?
There are 3 ways to play the slideshow, please check option Slideshow Mode.

Can the pictures in the slideshow be re-sized?
Yes, please set yes to  Resize Image  then change the Image Width and Image Height as you wanted.

How to specify which picture will be shown as the first?
Please modify the value of  Initial Item.

How to remove the panel?
Please set no to Show Panel.

How to make the panel shown when mouse hover on the slide?
Please set auto to Show Panel.

How to hide the title of each picture?
Please set no to Show Title.

How to make the slideshow play different transition effect between each slide?
Please set random to Transition Type.

How many transition types in the slideshow?
scrollUp, scrollDown, scrollLeft, scrollRight, zoom, zoomFade, zoomTL,zoomBR, growX, growY, random.