Help of GalleryView

The thumbnail pictures panel can be shown or hidden and its position can be top, bottom, left or right.
Title bar position can be top or bottom. You can also identify the height of title bar and customize the title style and description style.

Key Properties:

Show Image Panel: Specifies whether to show the image area.
Show Thumbnail Panel: Specifies whether to show the thumbnail area.
Title Bar Position: Specifies the position of the title bar - bottom,top.
Thumbnail Position: Specifies the position of the thumbnail area - bottom,top,left,right.
Thumbnail Opacity: Specifies the opacity of the inactive thumbnails, from 0 (transparent) to 100 (opaque).
Show Thumbnail Titles: Specifies whether to show the title in the thumbnail area.
Arrow Color: Specifies the color of the arrows around the thumbnails.
Initial Item: Specifies the index of the item to show when the page loaded. The index of the first item is 1.
Fading: Specifies whether to use the fading effect before each transition.
Pause on Hover: Specifies whether to pause the slideshow when hovers.

You can also customize the Image Width and Image Height to fit your need.


Show Image Panel = false

Title Bar Position = top

Thumbnail Position = left ( The thumbnail position can also be right or top or bottom)

Show Thumbnail Titles = yes

Show Thumbnail Panel = no