Create JavaScript Slideshow

Create JavaScript slideshow with 123 JavaScript Slideshow is quite easy.

1. Select a slideshow template.

main window

2. Customizing the slideshow.

select template

After selecting a template, click image toolbar buttons on the bottom left to add, remove images, and adjust their sequence.

The attributes below the image are specified to each image. The properties on the right are specified to entire slideshow. Click on each one to get a quick reference on the bottom right corner. The preview window updates immediately, when the attributes or properties have been modified.

When satisfied, click publish button to get the output HTML codes.

3. Use the publish function to get the final HTML web page.


In the publish dialog, please first specify an output folder, and then click the Publish button.

Now, click the Close button, the final slideshow will be displayed in the default browser automatically. Directly link to the output web page, or use your favorate HTML editor to do some extra decoration if needed.

Althernatively, before close the dialog, click the Show HTML Codes button to retrieve the HTML codes directly. Please treat these codes as a simple <img> tag, and copy paste them to where the slideshow finally located.